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Posted on: January 29, 2010 12:28 pm

Business as usual is moving backwards

Going into this season, I had really high hopes that UD would take a strong step in the positive direction.  Coming off of a great season last year and bringing back almost all of the team, I felt UD could move past occasional NCAA bid to a team that makes the Tourney 8 out of 10 season.  Teams like Xavier, Bulter, and Gonzaga where once in the same position that the Flyers were going into the season.  Coming off of a strong year, having a talented team, and ready to take the next step forward.

I think that's why this season has been such a disappointment to me.  At the beginning of the season, everything had seemed to fall into place:  Pre-season ranking, a strong field at the PR Tip Off, an OOC schedule that had a few tough teams and a few cupcakes (like it should be), and UD being picked to win the A-10.  This should have been the year that program moved solidly into the top 50 NCAA programs year in and year out.  Yeah Dayton will never be North Carolina, Kansas, or Kentucky, but they could be like the "mid-major" teams that are always in contention.  Teams that always get solid national recruits, not just the best local talent.

But instead of jumping ahead, it was business as usual for the Flyers: playing poorly on the road, losing to Xavier in Cincy (again...), playing down to teams that aren't as talented, not winning the A-10.  I don't think anyone who comes to this site would agrue that this is the most talented Dayton team in years (as far back as I can remember anyway).  And yet the results are the same as they have been for a while.

Reading the title of this post you probably thought I was going to rant and rav about how horrible BG is and how he needs to go.  I'm not going to get into that.  I don't know enough about coaching basketball or recruiting.  But what I do know is when an opportunity arises you have to take it.  You usually don't get a second change.  That is the change in direction I hoped UD would take this year.  I'm sorry that they weren't able to capitalize on their chance.
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Posted on: March 24, 2009 12:53 pm

Great season Dayton!

Dayton ended the season with a tough loss to Kansas in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament.  They were simply out-matched in that game.  But despite that loss, things are looking good for the Flyers. 

If someone would have told you the Flyers would have one 27 games, go undefeated at home, beat Xavier once, and win one NCAA game (upset over West Virgina), I think everyone would have said, "No Way.  Not after losing Brian Roberts and with only 1 senior."

The only player not returning next year is Charles Little.  (He had a great career at UD, was a stronger leader, and is really the kind of class-guy that UD needs).  A lot of guys on this team have post-season experience with the NIT last year and the NCAA this year.  They've also proved that Dayton doesn't need to win the A-10 to make the tournament.

A few items for next year (as I'm sure BG reads these posts all the time)

1. Continue the defensive focus.  Great college basketball teams play great defense.  Teams that run up and down the floor don't win championships (most of the time).  If you can hold your opponent under 70 points, you're team always has a chance to win.

2. Work on FT shooting....64.5% on the season...nuf said

3. Develop a long range threat.  With the great dribble penetration this team will always draw the defense to the lane.  If we had one or two shooters that made 40-45% of their 3's this team would impossible to stop.

4. Let your best players log 30 minutes a night.  Look at the UWV game, stats don't lie

5. Finally and most importantly. DON'T WEAR THOSE HIDEOUS BLACK JERSEYS.  take them out back, throw them on a coach in the Ghetto, and set them on fire.


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